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December 2011 | Volume 12, Issue 12  


InfraMation 2011 was a great success. Everyone enjoyed learning about new applications of thermography and the camaraderie of fellow practitioners. We had over 100 attendees who took advantage of the Building Investigations and Level II courses to add new certifications to their credentials. 

I want to extend a big thank you to the entire FLIR Marketing team, ITC, and especially our presenters for putting on a great conference. 

We are also introducing the FACT Certification, or FLIR Authorized Camera Technician. Check the links below to learn about it and how you can get one.

As with all images in this newsletter, click an image to see a larger version.

Have a great Christmas! We’ll see you next year.

Gary Orlove
Editor and Publisher


itc message board

Here is a selection of recent new threads by IR Community members. Feel free to click the links, see the responses, and post your own response if you like.

Bad Windows?
Hi, I went to a inspection and the customer was complaining about the new windows that were just installed a few months ago. Based on the attached, does this look like bad windows installation or is this how they are supposed to look, Outside temp: 5C, Inside temp: 21C 


DC and IR numbers on Camera 
Hello, does anyone else have the same problem as me? On site when you take a digital picture then infrared picture, the camera allocates the pictures DC177 IR178 (for example)but once you transfer images onto pc to create a report to pc re allocates the pictures 001,002 etc which when you take many pictures it is very difficult to label up the correct images Please, can anyone help??? 

Liability insurance 
Can someone tell me who they have their liability insurance with? I can't find anyone to insure me because they don't know what a thermographer is or an energy auditor. I'm from PA here in the states. 


And of course if YOU have a question or want to start a discussion on a topic, we would love to hear from you. Just start a new thread on a message board.


November - brainteaser

Here is this month's brainteaser. Readers who e-mail us a correct explanation are entered into a drawing to win a prize. Please put "Brainteaser" as the subject of the message. E-mail your guess to gary.orlove@infraredtraining.org.

Do you have an interesting image that you think would challenge other thermographers? If so please email me your image (preferably in native .img, .jpg, or .tif format) with an accompanying visible photo and explanation at gary.orlove@infraredtraining.com. If your image is used, you receive a gift as well.


Video Investigation of Gas Drilling Sites Reveals Invisible Air Pollution

A Chesapeake Bay Foundation infrared video investigation of natural gas drilling and processing sites in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia found invisible air pollution rising from almost three quarters of them.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) sent the video to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today with a letter explaining that the video shows that methane emissions from drilling sites are not being adequately controlled, and that proposed new EPA regulations for the drilling industry do not recognize the extent of the problem or a solution. CBF's video provides important new evidence that "the industry is not sufficiently limiting the amount of leaks from drilling and processing operations,” Jon Mueller, CBF's Vice President for Litigation, wrote to the federal agency…

Read the entire story and view the video

Video of the month

November - video

Rescuers Find Lost Boy Scouts on Mountain

Some Boy Scouts from Massachusetts who got lost hiking and a man who injured his ankle on a mountain climb are safe after rescuers came to their aid in New Hampshire.
New Hampshire Fish and Game rescuers and a state police helicopter pilot found two Massachusetts 14-year-old Boy Scouts and their scout leader in Gilmanton after the three got separated from their troop during an afternoon hike.
WMUR-TV reported that a state police helicopter using infrared video found them about 10 p.m. They were not hurt but were a little cold.http://www.thebostonchannel.com/r/29700401/detail.html

ir news

Straight from the World Wide Web, here is what's going on in the world of infrared thermography.

August  - news1  Flir's First MateMS Thermal Imaging Camera helps sailors see in dark
The new First Mate MS uses the same thermal imaging technology as Flir's best-in-class Navigator II, Voyager II and M-Series thermal night vision systems ...
Nov - news 2

'Drive-By' Thermal Imaging Quantifies Energy Loss
‎... with Phan created the multiphase process of geospatial data integration and scalable prediction analysis that the drive-by thermal imaging system uses, ...

Aug - news 3 Thermal Imaging Identifies Energy Loss and Deepens ...‎
Thanks to its investment in thermal imaging however, the efficient identification of problem areas and the creation of public awareness through specially ...
Aug - news 3 FLIR thermal camera withstands shocks up to 800 Gs
Pioneers in all aspects of infrared technology, FLIR designs, manufactures, and supports thermal imaging systems and subsystems for industrial, scientific, ...
Aug - news 3 FLIR IRW-Series: IR Inspection Windows with PIRma-Lock™
FLIR's new IR Windows put added safety between you and energized ... Available in three practical sizes, FLIR IR Windows are much easier to mount and use ...
Aug - news 3 infraR&D - Infrared Forum Research and Applications
The conference addresses thermographers working in Research & Development, Industry and Automation. The goal of this event is to be a professional meeting place for scientists, engineers and users of advanced infrared measurement equipment. InfraR&D covers IR physics and applications in a wide variety of fields, from veterinary surveys to advanced NDT solutions and all in between.

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October - brainteaser November - brainteaser

“This small swarm of bees arrived at our substation on a Saturday afternoon, and settled on the east face of a concrete block wall. That face of the wall was no longer in direct sunlight at the time. The next morning when it was still fairly cool and the swarm was mostly inactive, I got these shots from a distance of about six feet.” - John Gardner

Did you guess correctly? Congratulations to our winner James Chapman and our thermogram contributor, John Gardner! They both receive the coveted ITC low e coffee mug.

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