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August 2011 | Volume 12, Issue 8  

In many areas of the country, we have had a very hot summer. You know who you are, but wait, there’s hope. A recent study suggests that using solar collectors on a roof can actually keep a roof cooler! (see UCSD study finds that PV modules help keep roofs cool). That’s not really a revelation to thermographers; of course a roof will be cooler if you block solar heating. But hey, they used an infrared camera to help prove it, so it’s okay.

Our lead story this month discusses how thermography can aid in locating and diagnosing metal fatigue damage in construction steels. With our aging infrastructure of bridges, airplanes, etc, this could become a more often used diagnostic modality.

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itc message board

Independent contractor insurance thermographer
I am considering starting up a IR inspection business and wonder where one might get insurance. Do contractors carry both general liability AND professional.

Imaging rebar in concrete
I will be visiting a new work site tomorrow. They need to test the concrete (boring samples) but hits rebar with every hole. This building is a commercial structure. I am told it is a top slab that is open all around to the air. I will perform a test tomorrow. What is the best way and under what conditions would be best to perform imaging and locate the rebar in the concrete. Will solar loading work or will heating from underneath work?

Mast Arm Heating
These arms are directly above two furnaces. Does this look abnormal to anyone?
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August - brainteaser

Here is this month's brainteaser. Readers who e-mail us a correct explanation are entered into a drawing to win a prize. Please put "Brainteaser" as the subject of the message. E-mail your guess to gary.orlove@infraredtraining.com with the subject "brainteaster guess".
Do you have an interesting image that you think would challenge other thermographers? If so please email me your image (preferably in native .img, .jpg, or .tif format) with an accompanying visible photo and explanation. If your image is used, you receive a gift as well.

Last Month's Brainteaser 
Last month’s brainteaser shows us a thermal image of the reflection of the IR camera operator taken about 50 ft from a stainless steel box in a substation. You can see the bag for the camera at his waist.
We had 103 responses and 48 correct answers. Congratulations to our winner, Herman J. Klingenberger Jr, and our thermogram contributor, Robert Lark. They both receive the infamous ITC low e coffee mug.

Aug - Answer IR thumb

Aug - Answer thumb


Aug - feature article

Thermal camera used to detect metal fatigue damage in construction steels

Metal constructions such as bridges, offshore platforms or airplanes have to resist varying heavy loads. The operational limit of these constructions is often determined by the occurrence of cracks in critical spots of the structure. This is caused by so-called metal fatigue. It occurs when the material is subjected to permanent cyclical loads, like heavy trucks or trains passing on a bridge, or repeated take-off and landing of an airplane, moreover, the plastic deformation caused by loading generates heat...

Video of the month

August - video

Thermal Imaging Highlights Significant Energy Savings

What impact does an attic ventilation system have on the comfort level inside your house? Can it help reduce your cooling bill? And if so, what kind of savings are we talking about? See for yourself in this compelling case study using thermal imaging and kilowatt readings.


ir news

Straight from the World Wide Web, here is what's going on in the world of infrared thermography.

August  - news1  Saving on your electric bill could be as simple as plugging the leaks
A thermal imaging camera (right) shows just how much energy is lost through a door. By Nicole Burgin We all want to pay lower electric bills and you can ...
Aug - news 2  GPF Offers Relief from Tulsa's Scorching Summer Electricity Bills‎
GPF is running an August promotion on thermal imaging services that allow home and business owners to quickly find major drafts or insulation problems in ...
 Aug - news 3 Seeking relief from hot days and hotter nights?‎Bird's Eye View From Network Rail's Helicopter
By Evergreen Home Performance, LLC | Jul 22, 2011 (Courtesy of: Evergreen Home Performance) A hot bedroom ceiling as seen by an infrared camera. ...
 Aug - News 4 UCSD study finds that PV modules help keep roofs cool‎
Using thermal imaging, the team led by UCSD Professor of Environmental Engineering Jan Kleissl found that a building's ceiling was 2.8 degrees Celsius ...
Aug - News 5  Thermal Imaging Saves Money - But At What Cost?‎
Red Current Ltd has created a web based tool that enables potential customers to generate a cost estimate for the thermal imaging services they require. ... 

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