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I have had some feedback that there might be some confusion about the InfraMation 2011 conference this year. In previous years our short courses, called clinics, were available to attendees for an extra charge. But this year, all clinics are included in the base conference price.

So in 2011, attendees will actually get more hours of specific thermography application information in three days, then they previously received in 4 ½ days. Learn more atwww.InfraMation.org.

This month are lead story illustrates how one paper manufacturer is using infrared thermography to improve the quality of their product. And our monthly video, introduces a potentially new application for infrared thermography. As with all images in this newsletter, click an image to see a larger version

Until next month,

Gary Orlove
Editor and Publisher

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ITC Newsletter - Featured Article

ITC EMEA annouces InfraR&D 2012

The 7th International Infrared Conference InfraR&D will take place in Hannover, Germany, April 26th 2012. As in 2011, we will be directly on the "Hannover Messe", one of the world’s biggest industry fairs.

The conference addresses thermographers working in Research & Development, Industry and Automation. The goal of this event is to be a professional meeting place for scientists, engineers and users of advanced infrared measurement equipment. InfraR&D covers IR physics and applications in a wide variety of fields, from veterinary surveys to advanced NDT solutions and all in between. 

ITC will send out the call for papers during July and update the conference webpage accordingly.  

Thermal Imaging Conference

Athletic injuries are the leading cause of lost training time and the most costly to horse owners. In addition, if not detected early some of these injuries may become catastrophic. Owners, competitors and the public have recently brought pressure on the veterinary profession to prevent, or diagnose earlier, injuries before they become life-threatening. The ability to detect injuries early makes thermography an excellent tool. 

Free Online Thermography Training Courses

ITC has made several courses available at no charge to IR camera users

WEB-TH10 Thermography Basics 

WEB-TH20 Introduction to Indoor Electrical Surveys using IR Thermography 

WEB-TH25 Introduction to Outdoor Electrical Surveys using IR Thermography 

WEB-TH30 Introduction to Residential Energy Audits using IR Thermography

And of course if YOU have a question or want to start a discussion on a topic, we would love to hear from you. Just start a new thread on a message board.



Here is this month's brainteaser. Readers who e-mail us a correct explanation are entered into a drawing to win a prize. Please put "Brainteaser" as the subject of the message. Click here to e-mail your guess.
Do you have an interesting image that you think would challenge other thermographers? If so pleaseemail me your image (preferably in native .img, .jpg, or .tif format) with an accompanying visible photo and explanation. If your image is used, you receive a gift as well.

Thermal Imaging Keeps an Eye on Paper Production Quality

by Gary Orlove

feature july

Arjowiggins is a leading international paper production group which manufactures and supplies products ranging from paper for dictionaries to packaging for cosmetic products and security papers. The group has worldwide production sites and employs approximately 8,000 people. The origins of Arjowiggins France are rooted in ancient local paper mill traditions going back to the 18th century, when Arjowiggins’ predecessors invented the watermark…

Download the story here; http://www1.flir.com/l/5392/2011-07-22/RMQM/5392/32232/Arjowiggins_Story_ESE.pdf




video july


Infrared Cameras may be able to Predict Avalanches

The future of avalanche prediction could lie in a small infrared camera used by the University of Calgary.




IR News You Can Use


Straight from the World Wide Web, here is what's going on in the world of infrared thermography.




For users of IR cameras that embed GPS info in the thermal images, Panoramio will read the GPS tag and puts the image on a Google map as a thumbnail.


Twenty five years in thermal imaging
Plant & Works Engineering magazine‎


What a difference 25 years has made to thermal imaging and Flir Systems' Kevin Ellis has witnessed it every step of the way. PWE takes a looks back over his 25 career to see how things have changed. Now distribution area manager for the North of ... 



Bird's eye view from Network Rail's helicopter 
Rail.co- Nigel Wordsworth‎


It was the thermal imaging capability that Network Rail chose to demonstrate to the rail engineer recently. On a damp day, we met up with pilot David Blane and observer Sean Leahy just outside Coventry and, after the obligatory safety briefing, ... 



Making Room for Energy Efficiency 


If you take a data center and you watch it via thermal imaging, you see that there are hot zones going through the ceiling and cold air coming through the floor. Using thermal imaging, you can literally see the money seeping out through the ceiling. ...






Teaser Answer - July

Last month’s brainteaser shows us a thermal image of the paving stones of the outer patio of the Monastery of Poblet in Tarragona, Spain.

We had 34 responses and 17 correct answers. Congratulations to our winner, Roy Davis, and our thermogram contributor, Carles Picanyol. They both receive the infamous ITC low e coffee mug. 


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