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At last, the completely redesigned InfraMation website is up, www.inframation.org. You will see that InfraMation is a very different conference this year. Here are some of the changes:

InfraMation is now a three day conference. Your registration now entitles you to go to any IR clinic of your choice at no extra charge. We have two separate tracks at the conference: building thermography, and condition monitoring. This allows you to attend the topics of interest to you.

If you want more, we have more. We are also offering optional two day pre conferences; a research and science conference, and an optical gas imaging and petro chemical applications conference.

But wait, we're not done yet! We also have two certification courses being run during the conference; a building thermography course, and a level two course. These take place the two days before the conference and will use content during the conference as part of the course requirements. Check out the other changes at www.inframation.org.

This month's newsletter features an article about lens choices that work well with IR windows. And we have a fantastic video from NASA about Endeavour's last flight.

As with all images in this newsletter, click an image to see a larger version.

Until next month,

Gary Orlove
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ITC Newsletter - Featured Article

Setting RAF

When setting your reflected ambient temperature, how do you know what to set it as? 

In Floor Heating

When performing a scan on an in floor heating system should the system be operating for a short or long period of time to get the best readings. How long after heating is turned on would you get readings?

Inspection Call - Air Leakage

I have a call to inspect for air leakage specifically around windows in a house that were installed a few years ago. 

I will go to the site tomorrow morning at about 7 am and will expect to get a d-t of 8-9C. First, I am not too confident to go a inspection in summer with this d-t and where the exterior walls are expected to face solar loading by the time I am there. 
I am thinking about getting there and doing the survey and if I can't see good anomalies, I will push it for winter. 
Do you think adjusting level and span will probably help in these circumstances? 
I just want to same on travel time and expenses if its not worth going. 

E Series Camera Course Now Available

This course covers basic operation for all new (2011) FLIR E Series cameras. This includes the E30, E40, E50, E60, and E30 bx, E40 bx, E50 bx, and E60 bx models. There is NO CHARGE for this FREE courseMore details at the link below: 

And of course if YOU have a question or want to start a discussion on a topic, we would love to hear from you. Just post a new thread on a message board.


newsletter - june teaser

Here is this month's brainteaser. Readers who e-mail us a correct explanation are entered into a drawing to win a prize. Please put "Brainteaser" as the subject of the message. Click here to e-mail your guess.
Do you have an interesting image that you think would challenge other thermographers? If so pleaseemail me your image (preferably in native .img, .jpg, or .tif format) with an accompanying visible photo and explanation. If your image is used, you receive a gift as well.

Lens Choice for Looking Through IR Windows

by Gary Orlove

newsletter - IR Windows

More and more organizations are installing IR windows or sight glasses in their electrical equipment so inspections can be made with an infrared camera.

The advantages are obvious: worker safety is improved as thermographers and electricians don't have to open live electrical cabinets, and inspection times can be reduced.However, what lens choice is the best touse with your infrared camera to provide adequate resolution, and yet see as much of the electrical equipment as possible?…

Read the entire story here:




newsletter - SST-143


Outstanding STS-134 Ascent Imagery Highlights

This video makes me proud I was able to contribute to the shuttle thermal imaging program; and makes me sad that it is ending.

It has an outstanding collection of visible and infrared imagery; superbly edited with a great score - just about the best combination of the Science of Imagery Analysis and the Art of "Film" Editing. 



IR News You Can Use


Straight from the World Wide Web, here is what's going on in the world of infrared thermography.


Green expert sees red over 'leaky' buildings
Construction Week Online - Gerhard Hope - ‎Jun 2, 2011‎

Newsletter - construction week

Whistler explained that infrared thermography is an invaluable tool in determining the air-tightness of building envelopes, as it allowed experts to look for "pattern anomalies of reflected heat". In terms of adopting energy-efficiency measures...



Shuttle Endeavour lands after its final flight 
stv.tv - Kevin Gray, Will Dunham - ‎Jun 1, 2011‎

Newsletter - shuttle

The space shuttle Endeavour lands safely at Kennedy Space Center in this infrared camera image from NASA TV June 1, 2011. REUTERS/NASA/Handout Sailing through night skies, the shuttle and its six-man crew glided towards the Kennedy Space Centre...



Using Thermal Imaging Cameras for Gas Leak Detection 
AZoSensors - ‎May 31, 2011‎

newsletter - AZoSensors

FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions have released a new online streaming video that demonstrates the capabilities of its GF-Series thermal imaging cameras that make them perfect for gas leak detection applications. Driven by operational safety, ...



Egypt: Discovery of Lost Pyramids Has Archeologists Buzzing 
allvoices - ‎May 27, 2011‎

newsletter - Egypt

Sometimes infra-red imaging is called thermal imaging. Most people have become familiar with night vision goggles. These depend on thermal or infra-red technology. When anthropologists use the images from satellites, the contrast in temperature between ...



Once-in-a-generation storm batters Saturn and offers scientists an ... 
Daily Mail - ‎May 20, 2011‎

Newsletter - Daily Mail

It has now been studied in detail using the VISIR infrared camera on ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) in conjunction with observations from the CIRS instrument on Cassini. This is only the sixth of these huge storms to be spotted on the giant planet ...



An energy audit can help you find and fix your home's leaks 
HeraldNet - Jackson Holtz - ‎May 16, 2011‎

Newsletter - HeraldNet

Magowan went room to room with an infrared camera capturing the heat loss like a ghost catcher captures spirits. Caspers used a manometer to detect pressure changes room by room. The utility room was just one of the weak spots -- from an energy ...





newsletter - June teaser answer

Last month’s brainteaser shows us the biggest colony of bats in Central Europe (about 2000 greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis), a rare European species of bat). The location is the old church in Wlen - the small town near Wroclaw, Poland, Europe.

We had 49 responses and 8 correct answers. Congratulations to our winner, Daryl DeAngelis, and our thermogram contributor, Nick Stead. They both receive the infamous ITC low e coffee mug.


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