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May 2011 | Volume 12, Issue 5  
Gary Split


This month debuts a whole new look for ITC. From this newsletter, to our websites,www.infraredtraining.com and www.irtraining.com, you will find a consistent themed look and feel.
Some of you may wonder about the InfraMation site. We are very close to releasing that redone site was well. InfraMation will be quite different this year with a greatly changed format. Stay tuned for the details coming soon!
The good news is that the newsletter content you have come to appreciate hasn’t changed. We still have all the old sections.
This month’s lead story describes how a bike manufacturer is using thermography to verify the integrity of bicycle frames.

Until next month,

Gary Orlove


Message board 

How to deal with the reply "We have our own camera"

This is a reply I am often faced with when dealing with potential customers. I am then faced with the task of trying to find out if they actually know what they are doing or they're just going through the motions. I would like some insight and feedback from others who have dealt with this.

Pro's/Con's/Recommendations for IR Windows

Does anybody have any good information and/or advice on IR windows? Thanks in advance.

Heat lost

Heat loss calculations

I am trying to analyze heat loss through a window/door on buildings. I took pictures of buildings outside. The R-value and U-value do not seem correct. I am not sure what values I need to place for atm.,rel., temperature. An example picture is attached.


Regarding detecting moisture

When doing a thermal scan of a building from inside for moisture intrusion does it matter what the inside temperature is of the house. I am guessing that it doesnt matter and the camera should pick up effected areas because of thermal mass of moist areas, correct? Also, how can we pick up water damaged areas if the leak is not active?


May Brain Teaser

Here is this month's brainteaser. Readers who e-mail us a correct explanation are entered into a drawing to win a prize. Please put "Brainteaser" as the subject of the message. Click here to e-mail your guess.
Do you have an interesting image that you think would challenge other thermographers? If so please email me your image (preferably in native .img, .jpg, or .tif format) with an accompanying visible photo and explanation. If your image is used, you receive a gift as well.

ITC Newsletter - Featured Article

FLIR thermal imaging cameras help detect material failures in bikes

Carbon fiber reinforced materials in bikes checked with pulse thermography

IR bicycleModern bike frames are made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, which is exceptionally light and strong. But the way these frames behave in case of failure is fundamentally different from the old metal frames. Instead of bending, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics break. This exposes riders to dangerous situations; failures can lead to injury or even death.

With pulse thermography quality tests using FLIR thermal imaging cameras defects in the carbon fiber-reinforced materials can be detected before such life-threatening accidents happen. One company that provides this service is the Dinslaken, Germany, based Carl Messtechnik…

Read the entire story here: http://bit.ly/kfAOO7



Video of the Month - May

Looking through an IR Window

Using a FLIR thermal imaging camera, the internal electrical components are able to be scanned while under high voltage load, without having to open the panel. Note the "Star" shaped emissivity sticker inside the panel. http://youtu.be/PxWzP5iK7fo


IR News You Can Use

Straight from the World Wide Web, here is what's going on in the world of infrared thermography.

FLIR Announces InraR&D Conference Proceedings
Drawing upon its reputation for providing a forum for the latest thermography developments and applications advances - InfraR&D 2011 attracted an extensive program of presentations ranging from aerial infrared thermography through advanced NDT ...


Brainteaser Answer - May

Last month’s brainteaser shows us the biggest colony of bats in Central Europe (about 2000 greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis), a rare European species of bat). The location is the old church in Wlen - the small town near Wroclaw, Poland, Europe.

We had 122 responses and 43 correct answers. Congratulations to our winner, Eric Marler, and our thermogram contributor, Joanna Lubieniecka. They both receive the infamous ITC low e coffee mug.

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