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Keep up on the latest thermal imaging success stories and infrared technology with "InfraMation", ITC's monthly online newsletter. Find fascinating, quick-view case studies, articles, videos, and IR news you can use ranging from weatherization thermal inspections to detecting the body temperature of an insect in flight to surveying the scope of the Gulf oil spill with infrared to observing a brown dwarf with an IR telescope and beyond.

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2011  January February March April May June

Using Thermal Imagery To Study Disease

AMD Fusion Processor Notebook Thermal Imaging Tests vs. Intel

Windshield Glass Reflections - How to Remove Them

New textbook on thermography

FLIR i3/i5/i7 Thermal Tuning

NASCAR on FOX debuts Thermal-Cam at Daytona

It is Not Always about Loose Contacts

MIT Field Intelligence Laboratory Negawatt Mining ProjectAR on FOX debuts Thermal-Cam at Daytona

FLIR thermal imaging cameras help detect material failures in bikes

Looking through an IR Window

Lens Choice for Looking Through IR Windows

Outstanding Space Shuttle STS-134 Ascent Imagery Highlights

  July August September October November December

Thermal Imaging Keeps an Eye on Paper Production Quality

Infrared Cameras may be able to Predict Avalanches

Thermal camera used to detect metal fatigue damage in construction steels

Thermal Imaging Highlights Significant Energy Savings

Moisture in Airplanes

Fiat cars factory improves predictive maintenance with FLIR

French National Railways apply Thermography for Maintenance

Snake Striking a Hot Target

Using Cavities to Solve Emissivity Problems

Adaptive Camouflage

Rescuers Find Lost Boy Scouts on Mountain

'Drive-By' Thermal Imaging Quantifies Energy Loss

2010 January February March April May June

Thermography and Solar Cells

Public Light Art Moves into Vancouver

Physics of Curling for the Olympics

BMW Planning New Eco-Conscious 7 Series Diesel and Hybrid Models

ShowIR PowIR

Latest Car Gadgets: Helpful Devices or Deadly Dashboard Distractions?

Seeing ROI with Infrared, Even in a Down Economy

Video of the Month - Submerged Manatees

InfraMation Conference Update - Early Bird Offer Extended

Declan and the Antics Go Infra-Red

Vented Soffits or Cover-up?

Scope of Oil Spill Seen Through Infrared Camera

  July August September October November December

If the Bearing is Hot: (It might be greased or not)

FLIR Finds Oil on Water 

IR finds Yellow Jackets Nest in House

Home Energy Audit Tools 

Blower Door Inspection for Air Infiltration in a Remodeled Cottage

Home Inspection Find 

Furnace and Heater Tube Inspections

AUDI AG uses infrared thermography to uphold its quality standard

Electrical Panel Time Lapse

InfraMation 2010: A Standout Success Story!
2009 January February March April May June

Thermal Imaging for Wildlife Evaluation

Infrared Applications for Railroads and Trains

Thermal Imaging in Heating Element Development

Roof Thermography

Weatherization of a Home in NJ

Levels in Fuel Storage Tanks

ITC Announces PsychIR - Psychic Infrared Services

Insulated Glass Evaluation

Robert Madding Retires from ITC

Application Brief: Transformer Load Tap Changer

International Association of Certified Thermographers

'Mapping' Thermal Environments in and Around Vegetation

  July August September October November December

Thermographer Most Important Part of an IR Inspection

How Hot are Your Lights?

Equine Thermography Course at Ohio State University

Accuracy in Thermal Scan of Skin

Thermography Intensively Used at Renault R&D Center

Infrared Technology Aids Motor-Impaired People

InfraMation 2009 Application Tracks

Seals 'Heat Up' to Help Grow Hair

10th Annual InfraMation Stars at Bollywood

High-Tech Gear Helps Unravel Cemetery Mysteries

Record Meteor Showers During the Day with Your IR Camera

Spitzer Telescope Observes Baby Brown Dwarf

2008 January February March April May June

Thermography of Refrigerated Facilities

Keeping Cool on the Ice

New Rules: Traveling Safely with Batteries

Camera Catches Boat Chase

Getting Closer - Advantages of Using a Telescopic Lens

Taking Infrared Thermography Off-Road

Farewell to a Grand Master

High-Tech Tree Inspections

Infrared Thermography Inspection of Ships Gains Momentum

Elephants Warm to New Diagnostic Tool

Summer's Here - Keep Your Cool with Thermography

FLIR Systems' infrared camera used by ErasmusMC

  July August September October November December

Looking for Air Emissions Using Infrared Imaging

Hot climate or cold, tree leaves stay in comfort zone: study

Thermal Imaging Camera on a Yacht? Why Knot!

Wasps and Bumble Bees Heat Up, Fly Faster with Protein-rich Food

Using Infrared Thermography as an Added Diagnostic Tool

Infrared technology used to restore St. Peter's Basilica

IR Energy Audit with Blower Door

Thermography a Safe and Very Effective Alternative to Mammograms

Thermography used to keep stock bulls in form

Pushing boundaries with red hot art

InfraMation SenSation!

Raw Video: Coast Guard makes daring rescue

2007 January February March April May June

Piping Hot Coffee

Meet Tom Coffey

Post Remidiation Thermal Testing

Petro Therm 2007

Thermography Becomes Part of Aerodynamic Research

ITC Staff Member Sylvain Telmi

IR Cameras with Flair

Detecting Reversed Hot Water Flow

Thermography Locates Bad Boiler Tube Thermography for Fire Prevention in Waste Management
  July August September October November December
  Testing New Installations PdM Program gets a Boost After Costly Fire Training for IR Automation Systems 'Bee' Safe

Visual Images can Make a Difference

InfraMation 2007: A Big Success

Using Thermography to Evaluate Microelectronic Devices
2006 January February March April May June
  Use Reporter 7 to Annotate Images Taken with FLIR's E and B Series Cameras Thermal Imaging Helps to Evaluate Roof Repairs

Dragline Excavation Systems Made Easier

Emissivity Solutions

A Disposable IR Camera? A Creative Emissivity Solution How does Emissivity Affect Temperature Measurement?
  July August September October November December

Thermography Helps Detect Leaking Valve

Welcome Raphaël Danjoux

Law Enforcement Applications

Find Smaller Problems at Great Distances

NASA uses ThermaCAM S65 in Orbit Use Caution when Imaging Steam Traps

Increase Roof Longevity with IR Scans

InfraMation 2006: A Huge Success

Mysterious Cracks in the Walls
2005 January February March April May June
  Then and Now - A look back at IR systems from 1985 and 2005 Advanced Condition Monitoring - Steam Trap Dynamic Analysis Up in Flames: Midwave vs. Longwave IR ThermaCam P65MixIR Mixes Unique Capabilities Thermography Becomes Integral Part of Railrood PdM Plan GasFindIR Helps to Detect VOC Leaks
  July August September October November December
  Performing a Bushing Inspection with Critter Guards Breathe Life into Your IR Presentations Fault Detection in Gas Insulated Switchgear Ron Lucier Takes a Close Look a 'Cold Heat' with an IR Camera B1 Camera Helps Mall Locate Unconnected Water Supply Line

VersaLayer™ Jacket Warms and Cools Quickly - Thermography Proves it!

A Note about Lithium-Ion Batteries

2004 January February March April May June
  Inspecting Seals with IR Thermography

Infrared Thermography in France

In Memoriam - Bo Wallin, A Colleague Lost

Medical Infrared Imaging - Breast Cancer Screening

Cold Potato, Hot Potato

FLIR Systems introduces ThermaFISH

Thermography Locates Crack Pipe in Wall Thermography Finds Robotic Weld Gun Problems
  July August September October November December
  Pachyderm Leg Ailment Diagnosis with Infrared Thermography Improving Measurement Accuracy with a Telescopic Lens Shuny Metals and Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurements What is 35mm Equivalent Focal Length? PC Board Troubleshooting IR Speeds Automotive System Testing
2003 January February March April May June

Thermography Shows Efficacy of Low Cost Retrofits to Reduce Home Heat Loss

Tech Tips - Bypass Drag & Drop Limitations in ThermaCAM Reporter

ASNT: All Sorts of Nice Things

Tech Tips - Quickly Adjust Level and Span on the PM-695

Coffee Roasting at Home with IR

Meet the Staff - Jay Bowen

Thermography's Use for Analyzing Volcanoes

IR Cameras Help Combat SARS Outbreak

Spotlight on Roofs - It's That Season Again!

The Importance of Correlating Predictive Technologies in Electric Motor Diagnostics

Tech Tips - Calculate Temperature Differences with the FLIR PM-695

  July August September October November December

Home Fire Safety Using IR

Follow up to The Importance of Correlating Predictive Technologies in Electric Motor Diagnostics

Infrared Thermography Finds Overheating Motors Exporting Data from ThermaCAM Researcher Using IR to Diagnose Building Conditions

WOW! That's the only way to describe InfraMation 2003!

High Temperature Heat Exchanger Alloy Emissivity Evaluation

How The Eyes (and IR camera) Can Be Misled
2002 January February March April May June

InfraMation 2002 - Call for Papers

Locating Radiant Heating System Piping

InfraMation - Thermographers' Educational Conference

An Indirect View of Thermography

Crime Scene InvestigatIR

Serpentine Sensors

Emissivity: The Common Problem for all Thermographers

FLIR Systems Introduces First Crank-Powered Infrared Camera

Chasing Vacuum Leaks

Finding Bats with Thermography

Infrared in the Plywood Industry

  July August September October November December
  Locating Clogs or Blockages in Pipes with IR Results of a PDM Program in its Infancy

Wedge Method for Emissivity and Reflection Independent Measurement

Infrared Training Center Receives ISO 9001:2000 Quality Rating

Infrared Camera Vs. the Thermocouple

Thermography for Drag Racing

InfraMation 2002 Conference Exceeds Expectations

Keys to a Good Substation Inspection Program

Swedish & British Prime Ministers Receive Lesson in Infrared

2001 January February March April May June

New Location for InfraMation!

Find the Heat Leak!

Yes Virginia, There is an Absolute Zero... or, Much Ado about Nothing...!

Generating Maximum Power while keeping a Cool Head

Temperature Measurement with IR Thermography for Predictive Maintenance. Do we really need it?

Thermography Research in Norway Improves Winter Driving Safety

ASNT publishes Infrared and Thermal Testing Handbook

Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic?

Temperature measurement on process heater and furnace tubes

Back to Basics - Thermal Focusing

New Features Debut at InfraMation 2001

  July August September October November December

The Power of Lateral Heat Conduction

InfraMation 2001 Abstracts

Back to Basics: How to Capture a Good Thermogram

How to Edit Templates in ThermaCAM Reporter 2000

ITC Seeks Infrared Imaging Applications Instructor

Inframation 2001 Conference Exceeds all Expectations

Book Review - "Warmth Disperses and Time Passes - The History of Heat"

InfraMation Proceedings Now Available

IR Surveys on Yachts

Understanding Spatial Resolution

Questions and Answers on Rechargeable Batteries

2000   February March April May June

Thermography in the Year 2000

Automotive Analysis Made Easy

When You're Warm You're Hot!

New Starter Problems

Face Lift At St. Peter's Cathedral

Supermarkets in a Deep Freeze?

Thermography in Veterinary Medicine

Inframation 2000 Conference Expanded

Know your IR Optical Windows
  July August September October November December

Rotating Equipment Applications for the Thermographer

Gregg Sauer wins Bose Wave Radio

Accidental Winter Bathing - How Cold Do You Get? The Top 10 Questions People ask about Infrared Thermography

InfraMation 2000 Conference Receives Rave Reviews

Lack of Cool? Thermography is the Tool at Olympic Bobsled Track!

InfraMation 2001 - Call for Papers

Cap on a Hot Tin Roof

NASA uses IR to Detect Hydrogen Fires